The 2nd Annual “Take That, Dude!” Film Festival



The Second Annual “Take That, Dude!” Film Festival took place this past Friday, Sept. 11, 2009, in the backyard of a house party in the San Fernando Valley. A good time was had by all, and many attendees received signed copies of the original “Take That, Dude!” DVD. At this year’s event, the original “Take That, Dude!” screened first (during which many of the audience participated by reciting selected parts of the dialogue from memory as well as cheering in Rocky Horror Picture Show fashion), and then six two minute or less shorts screened (with one of them actually being a 4 minute piece submitted jointly by two filmmakers) in a competition judged by the Writer/Director/Producer of “Take That, Dude!” Sean Tomazin. The winner was ceremoniously poked with the original surfboard from “Take That, Dude!” Say it with pride, say it with pleasure: “TAKE THAT, DUDE!”

-Sean Tomazin-